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Sector: Residential
Project: Woodside Cottage
Location: Bagshot, Surrey
Client: GH Pinkney Will Trust
Consultants: BBF Fielding Architects, Bell Cornwell Partnership, Motion, ACA arboriculturists, Ecological Planning & Research, Land Management Services

Woodside Cottage forms part of a larger site allocated for housing development in Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Local Plan. The land to the west has previously been granted planning consent subject to a number of conditions, including the provision of a substantial area of public open space with the aim of reducing recreational pressures on the nearby Thames Basin Special Protection Area (SPA).

The planning brief for Woodside Cottage imposes a similar requirement. The site is bounded to the south east by a substantial belt of woodland and the proposal is to offer this, together with an area of open space in the eastern part of the site, to the Council as recreational space. The benefits of this are significant in that it will connect the newly created public open space to the west of the site with an existing area of open space to the east. Collectively these will provide a network of linked recreational spaces, managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust and accessible to a large number of local residents.

The detailed landscape proposals have been informed by the ecology of the site, the retention of existing watercourses retained as part of a sustainable drainage system, and by the many retained trees around the boundaries and within the site.The landscape strategy incorporates native species with the aim of enhancing biodiversity and a 10 year landscape management plan will ensure that the long term landscape objectives are realised.

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