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Sector: Residential
Project: Former West Herts College Cassio Campus
Location: Langley Road, Watford, North London
Client: Cala Ventures Limited
Consultants: OSP Architects

The former West Herts College campus has been granted planning consent for conversion to residential use. Landscape Perspective was appointed to develop the detailed landscape design and discharge the landscape planning conditions. These focussed on detailed planting proposals, play and recreational provision, ecological enhancements and a landscape management plan.

Located within a residential part of Watford, the 4.7ha site comprises a series of interlinked flat-roofed 1960’s style buildings up to four stories high with associated car parking. The proposal involves the comprehensive redevelopment of the site to create 223 new homes, plus a local neighbourhood centre with retail space and a doctor’s surgery serving both the new housing and the surrounding area.

The site benefits from a large number of existing mature trees concentrated along the main Langley Road frontage and the site boundaries, plus two woodland belts along the northern boundaries. The existing trees and woodlands provide important connections with landscape corridors extending to both sides of the site and a nearby railway cutting. The development has been carefully designed to integrate with these important landscape features.

Two new large areas of public open space are provided. At the front of the site next to Langley Road an open space of 0.88Ha has been designed in consultation with the Council and local residents to provide an informal grass recreational area, a trim trail, and junior and toddler’s play areas. To the rear of the site 1.22Ha of existing but previously unmanaged woodland is retained for its nature conservation value, and enhanced by the introduction of bird nesting boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog domes. These areas of public open space will bring valuable but previously unmanaged areas into positive yet sensitive management regimes, enhancing their visual, wildlife and open space functions.

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