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Sector: Public realm
Project: Maidstone town centre
Location: Maidstone
Client: Maidstone Borough Council
Consultants: GC Partnership, Insight Arts, Madlin and Maddison

In March 2009 Landscape Perspective took part in an international design competition run by the RIBA to remodel Maidstone High Street. The brief called for a high quality town centre public realm that would enhance Maidstone’s distinctiveness as the County Town of Kent through creative and innovative use of design and public art.

Landscape Perspective’s design proposed a radical traffic management scheme that retained access for buses, taxis and disabled vehicles, but which excluded private cars. By reducing the volume of traffic a more generous and pedestrian-friendly public realm was created with opportunities for tree planting, public art and lighting. Two new public squares suitable for a variety of uses and activities were created at both ends of the High Street, and access from the Lower High Street to the River Medway was considerably enhanced by replacing the existing subways with broad surface crossings and a new gateway feature.

The proposal aimed to create a vibrant High Street to help kickstart the local economy and to re-estabish Maidstone as the economic centre of the region.

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